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Master Data Quality in ERP-Systems

Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (ERP-Systems) are used to execute business processes. In these systems, the production of master data is usually separated from business transactions such as orders, payments, or demand planning. Master data is rather automatically taken from central storage of the ERP-System when needed. It thereby serves two purposes: (1) as information for people involved in process execution and (2) as trigger for the execution of automated processes such as the placement of orders for low-cost material. Thus, master data are the backbone of business process execution in ERP-Systems.

Incorrect or missing master data will, therefore, disturb or even stop business process execution. We feel this in real world when material is not delivered to the right place in the right time, when we overstock, when we have to pay dunning charges, when we receive the wrong goods in the wrong amount, etc. Fluent business process execution can only be assured via master data quality monitoring systems that identify deficient data before the process can be disturbed.

The Information Quality Institute can help you to design and implement such a monitoring system for master data quality, so that you can remove data quality problems before they can cause damage. Please, do not hesitate to contact us! Our experts will be glad to help you.