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Data Governance

Data Governance: Business, not IT!

Unfortunately, many companies still make the mistake to define Data Governance as responsibility of IT-Departments. There are two major reasons why this is a big mistake:

  1. Data Governance is a powerful instrument to govern business processes. For example, with help of data one can define whether a material will be procured centrally or locally or what products shall cost.
  2. While IT-Experts see multiple characters connected to a string of a certain data type, business sees data as valuable information for fulfilling their tasks. Thus, IT can perfectly define what the syntax of data has to look like, while business defines which information is reasonable in certain contexts. The latter is much more important for Data Governance.

In short: Companies that delegate Data Governance to IT-Departments, will risk that Data Governance actions will only cost and not have the expected business effects.

The Information Quality Institute has comprehensive experience with the conception and implementation of Data Governance Frameworks in large organizations. Often, only little change is necessary to implement an effective Data Governance. Fell free to contact us, if you need any help. We look forward to hearing from you!