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Big Data: Performance over Quality?

Everybody is talking about Big Data. Although there is no common definition of the term, most people relate Big Data to processing tremendous amounts of data. With this in mind, people often intuitively assume that high performance analytics is the biggest problem of Big Data. The big software vendors utilize this intuition to sell technologies for Grid-Computing, In-memory analytics, and column-oriented databases. However, data quality is hardly mentioned in line with Big Data.

From user perspective data quality should play an important role, especially when using Big Data technologies. To be frank, the isolated use of Big Data technologies without a working data quality management system will only display data trash faster. The performance boost won’t cure data at all. Only companies that use Big Data technologies in line with data quality management will be able to get the most out of their data. They can analyze tremendous amounts of high quality data within seconds to act on global and fast changing markets.

Be one step ahead of your competitors and invest into Big Data Quality now! The Information Quality Institute helps you to implement a lean and efficient data quality management system in line with your Big Data projects. Do not hesitate to contact us directly! We will be glad to help you!